Appellation: Old Mission Peninsula
Varieties: Pinot Gris
Acreage: 2.5
Year Planted: 2003,2010
Grown by: Gary and Theresa Wilson

Gary and Theresa are wine lovers. 17 years ago they planted their first vineyard with the idea of surrounding themselves with wine. This vineyard is their second and third planting. They are among the most experienced vineyard owners in the region. When they chose Pinot Gris for this excellent site I was impressed. Often owners of a site this good would get greedy and try to grow an exotic variety that has little chance of greatness. Instead they chose a great variety that has an excellent chance at achieving the exotic.

Tale Feathers Vineyard sits in the heart of Old Mission on top of sweeping western slope overlooking the Island. This high position lends perfect frost protection and perfect exposure to the long summer sunshine. Breezes coming off West Bay keep the vines cool and allow them to retain natural acidity to balance the opulent ripe flavors. This combination lends itself to a classic Pinot Gris style wine with lush mouthfeel, good structure, and warm alcohol.