Left Foot Charley is proud to donate to charities that support local communities, diversity, environmental programs, education, and advancements in medical care and treatments.


According to Michigan Law, we cannot donate wine or cider. Our favorite donation item is a private tasting that includes a personal server, reserve wines, and a meat and cheese platter for pairing. These tastings are very personalized and allow us to show our guests what we have been up to. They are a wonderful stand-alone item or addition to a package.

Please send requests for donations by filling out the form below a minimum of six weeks before your event.

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Tasting Room Hours

Sunday 12pm - 6pm
Monday 12pm - 7pm
Wednesday-Saturday 12pm - 7pm


Sunday 11am-3pm
Monday 3pm-7pm
Tuesday 12pm-5pm

Friday 1pm-7pm
Saturday 1pm-7pm

Visit Us

The Tasting Room
806 Red Dr
Suite #100
Traverse City, MI 49684

The Barrel Room

1400 Yellow Dr
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