lfc_crew6Bryan Ulbrich

Winery Sherpa – packs the load and points the direction.  Bryan has been in the wine industry since 1993. The realization that a part-time cellar rat position could develop into a legitimate career path spurred him to pursue a winemaking apprenticeship rather than a Ph.D. in political science (real tough choice, eh?).  The apprenticeship transformed into a winemaking and general management position.  Without pause, 11 years passed.  He was fortunate to be part of the modern evolution of the Michigan Wine Industry and realized it was time to start the long process of building a wine company based on a new concept.  With the support of family, friends, farmers, and a few financiers LFC was born in 2004.  A path was chosen, the load was packed, and they all started hiking up the mountain…


lfc_crew7Jen Ulbrich

Owner, money juggler, organizer of ins and outs.  Jen came to Northern Michigan in 1995.  She helped develop 2 Charter Schools and co-created the 3-5 multi-age program at Woodland School.  During her decade of teaching she managed the daily growth and education of hundreds of children (all of whom are now old enough to work here -yikes!).  She stepped down in 2005 to focus on mothering.  As a member of the Board, she continues to assist the school through its evolution as a leader in childhood education in our region.  In her free time, Jen manages to keep our employees paid, balances the checkbook, sifts through the myriad tax forms we have the honor of receiving, and did I mention the 2 kids she wrangles everyday?


IMG_4723Meridith Lauzon

Operations Manager.  Graduate of Ferris State University Hotel and Restaurant Management.  Meridith’s first introduction to LFC was as a volunteer server at a wine festival in Grand Rapids.  We were impressed with her ability to stay focused through all the wine, Bryan’s ramblings, and the general demands of a 3-day wine festival.  We offered her an internship in 2008.  Soon we couldn’t grow without her and she became a manager.  Meridith has created systems to ensure that we can maintain a clean, happy, productive, and professional environment for wine tasting.  In 2012, Meridith added the position of “Mommy” to her resume.

 Jessica Gegel- Tasting Room Manager

If you have been to LFC in the last three years, chances are you have met Jessica. Under Jessica’s leadership, our staff has grown from 3 to 23. She ensures that we have an educated, professional and friendly staff prepared to share the flavor of Left Foot Charley with all of our guests.

Melissa Fischer- Brand Manager

Melissa is the one you will always see out and about. Her relationships around the state have brought LFC to the people with tremendous growth in retail and restaurant placements.  LFC is now available in 4 states and has earned strong National reputation.