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Flights and Food

۞ Wine and Cider Flights

– 16 –
– members 12 –

Choose your own adventure! Select four wines and ciders from any of the options available by the glass.


 Zesty Garlic Hummus

– 8 –

Locally made by Natural Northern Foods, and served with local veggies and rice crackers

The Goat

– 8 –

Goat cheese spread made by The Cheese Lady of Traverse City with crème fraîche, figs, walnuts, basil, and thyme and served with flatbread crackers.

Whitefish Paté

– 10 –

Locally made by Natural Northern Foods and served with local veggies, pickled jalapeños, and rice crackers.

Ploughman’s Lunch

– 20 –

A selection of cheeses and cured meats served with local veggies, fruit, fig jam, pickles, olives, and flatbread crackers.

Great Lakes Potato Chips

– 1 –

Original ۞ Salt, Pepper, & Onion ۞ Cherry Barbecue

Shortie’s shortbread crackers

– 8 –
Locally made sweet and savory crackers

Parmesan & Black Truffle Salt ۞ Lemon Lavender ۞ Pistachio

Great Lakes Chocolate Truffles

– 2.5 –

Dark Chocolate Raspberry ۞ Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Girl ۞ Milk Chocolate Cherry ۞ Dark Chocolate Coconut

Northwoods Soda

– 3 –

Wild Bill’s Root Beer ۞ Sparkling Lime-Mint ۞ Black Cherry Cream Soda ۞ Wild Ginger ۞ Pomegranate Lemonade


2019 Gitali

–38 BOTTLE – 12 GLASS –
CLUB 63 – 30.4 BOTTLE

This Blanc de Blanc traditional method sparkling wine was slowly fermented in the bottle for two years, creating consistent, fine bubbles throughout the palate.

2022 Crémant
– 28 bottle – 10 GLass –

Club 63 – 22.4 Bottle

Crémant is a designation used for sparkling wines not made in Champagne. They can be made anywhere and often reflect blends of local significance. This style produces a fruit forward sparkling wine similar to Prosecco.

2022 Kerner

platinum medal: TEXSOM awards

– 25 bottle – 8 glass –
Club 63 – 20 bottle

Kerner is a grape that is a cross of Riesling and Trollinger (a red varietal), but Kerner itself is a white grape. This varietal is not widely planted, but we have a few acres grown on Old Mission Peninsula. The finished wine is dry and balanced with an intriguing floral aroma.

2021 Pinot Grigio

Tale Feathers Vineyard
– 20 bottle – 8 GLass –
Club 63 – 16 bottle 

By fermenting the wine in stainless steel and avoiding long yeast contact we could keep the delicate aromas to reveal an apple-like freshness for a classic warm-weather sipper that really shows off in the glass.

2021 Pinot Blanc

Island View Vineyard

Best in Class and Gold Medal: 2022 Dan Berger International Wine Competition;
silver medal: TEXSOM awards

–28 bottle – 10 glass –
Club 63 – 22.4 bottle

The Island View Vineyard is Michigan’s oldest Pinot Blanc planting dating back to 1995. There are 1100 plants that have been farmed for decades under the watchful eye and expert hands of Werner Kuehnis. 

2022 Murmur

18 bottle – 8 glass
Club 63 – 14.4 bottle

Named for some of our voracious vineyard foes, the starlings; Murmur is a blend of some of our favorite white grape varieties. In this case, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Traminette, and Riesling.

2022 Gewürztraminer

– 20 bottle – 8 glass –
Club 63 – 16 bottle

This is a dry Gewurztraminer fermented entirely in stainless steel. Gewurz has an excellent aging potential for at least ten years, although this wine is showing a lot of spice and aroma right now.

2021 Auxerrois

Island View Orchard
– 28 bottle – 10 glass –
Club 63 – 22.4 bottle

We are learning more about Auxerrois, one of the noble varieties of Alsace, with each year. This vintage is a culmination of that learned experience, resulting in a balanced dry wine with healthy lees for aging.

2021 Terminal Moraine Riesling

bronze medal: TEXSOM awards

–28 bottle – 10 glass –
Club 63 – 22.4 bottle

This Riesling is grown on a 1.5 acre vineyard site with two distinct soil types that blend to make a structured wine with fat peach/apricot qualities and a stony acid finish.


– 20 bottle – 8 glass
Club 63 – 16 bottle

After a multi-vintage hiatus, this LFC favorite is back! This wine is an off-dry blend of Pinot Blanc, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer that tastes great now, but also has serious aging potential.

red and skin ferment

2021 Skin Ferment Pinot Gris

-28 bottle – 10 glass –

CLUB 63 – 22.4 bottle 

We fermented this Pinot Gris with the skins as we would with a red fermentation. Then we let the wine age with the skins for 4 weeks creating a wine with a beautiful orange hue, floral aromas, and structured tannins. 

2022 Red Drive

-25 bottle – 9 glass –

CLUB 63 – 20 bottle 

Each vintage of Red Drive we’ve made has been distinct. In 2022 we used primarily Dornfelder, a “grandkid” in the Blaufränkisch family tree. The wine is deep-hued and rounded with supple berry notes. We serve this red lightly chilled, which softens the oak and boosts the fruit.

2022 OMP Blaufränkisch

silver medal: TEXSOM awards

– 28 bottle – 10 glass –

CLUB 63 – 22.4 bottle 

Blaufränkisch is one of the wines LFC has become best known for. Originally from Austria, this is a red grape that is already familiar with our milder climate. This vintage was aged in a combination of French Oak puncheon and barrique as well as ceramic egg, a first time for this wine. The combination of vineyards and vessels amplify the wine’s characteristic dark fruit and black pepper spice.

2021 Blaufränkisch Reserve

– 55 bottle – 12 glass –

CLUB 63 – 44 bottle 

From six of our 2021 Blaufränkisch barrels that had enough swagger to justify bottling a reserve Blau for the first time since 2018, this wine needed just 12 months in French Oak to reach a peak of the berry, spice, and oak balance we were looking for. It has a long aging window ahead. 

See our by-the-bottle selections for other red wines available for purchase

the sWEETER side

2021 Late Harvest Riesling

Seventh Hill Farm
– 28 bottle – 10 glass
CLUB 63 – 22.4 bottle 

Our Late Harvest Riesling is made from exceptional fruit from one of our most renowned vineyards. No sugar was added – all the sweetness is naturally from the ripe fruit.

2022 Le Caban Riesling

– 20 bottle – 8 glass
Club 63 – 16 bottle

We find this well-balanced Riesling to be a melodic poem of delicate sweetness wrapped around an electric core of acid. 

2021 Missing Spire Riesling

– 22 bottle – 8 glass –
Club 63 – 17.6 bottle

Juicy, peachy, lightly sweet and effervescent, and bottled in traditional and distinctive blue glass. We’ve brought back this fan favorite for the first time since 2018!


– 30 375 ml bottle  10 3 oz glass 
Club 63 – 24 bottle

A sweet but structured dessert apple wine made by partially freezing the juice of heirloom apples such as Rhode Island Greening, Porter’s Perfection, Jonathan, and Tremletts Bitter. Due to the limited nature of this product, glass pours are 3 oz and flight pours are 1 oz.

Hard Cider

Porter’s Perfection

– 28 growler to-go – 22 bottle (750 ml) – 9 glass –

Dating back to before 1900, Porter’s Perfection was first grown in the orchard of Charles Porter in East Lambrook, England. When an amazing crop was picked during harvest, we knew we had to create a new single variety cider to show off this apple’s bright, dense minerality. 

Engle’s Ransom

2021 GLINTCAP Silver Medal

– 9 BOTTLE (500 ML) –

Our first venture in cider made from Michigan grown European heritage apples, Engle’s Ransom is a dry, full-bodied cider that has powerful aromatics and a longer mid-palate and finish.

Henry’s Pippin

– 23 GROWLER TO-GO -9 BOTTLE (500 ML) – 8 GLASS –

Pippin is an old word for apple. This dry, classic-style cider is a representation of several different fermentations of many of our heirloom apple varietals blended together.

Fortis Maelum

28 GROWLER TO-GO / 18 BOTTLE (750 ML) / 9 GLass –

From the Latin for “strong,” Fortis is a British Imperial-style cider with a little bit of old-world funk, an earthy quality, and the presence of noticeable tannin. 


2023 GLINTCAP Silver Medal

–12 BOTTLE (500 ML) –

Otterson is the name of a red-fleshed apple variety grown for us by the Michigan State Extension program. Red-fleshed varieties were propagated throughout the 20th Century in New Zealand and elsewhere. This rosé cider is dry and tart.


–23 GROWLER TO-GO / 8 GL –

Tepache is a traditional drink from pre-hispanic Mexico made using pineapple rinds, left to ferment with sugar, water, and some spices. For this version, we used whole pineapple and an apple base, supplemented with piloncillo – an unrefined form of brown sugar – to give it slight caramel and earthy undertones. It was then steeped with whole cinnamon sticks and clove post-fermentation. The resulting cider is dry, sessionable, and refreshing.

Cinnamon Girl

2023 GLINTCAP Silver Medal

–23 GROWLER TO-GO – 9 BOTTLE (500 ML) – 8 GLASS –

This is a classic combination – apples and cinnamon. Whole cinnamon sticks are added to the juice from OMP apples and steeped in the cider for 4-6 weeks.

Bird Song Cider

–23 GROWLER TO-GO – 9 BOTTLE (500 ML) – 8 GLASS –

Our sweetest cider, this is made from fruit from the Kuehnis family farm. The Ida Red, Yellow Delicious, and Northern Spy apples that comprise this cider were raised with care by the daughters of long-time grower Werner Kuehnis.


By the Bottle

Available by the bottle in-house or to-go. These wines are not typically available for flights or glass pours, but it never hurts to ask!

2018 Luthier

 –  40 bottle  –
CLUB 63 – 32 BOTTLE 

The Luthier is a barrel fermented blend of Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, and Auxerrois. Luthier is the name of a craftsman who makes wooden instruments. In this case, the winemakers are the luthiers, and the barrels are their instruments; the wine is the resulting music.

Longcore Cabernet Franc

 – 75 bottle  –
CLUB 63 – 60 BOTTLE 

This Cabernet Franc is the result of winemaker Bryan’s ongoing rehab of one of our original vineyards, Longcore’s Yard D’Vine, after the illness and passing of grower Jim. In 2020, 21, and 22, enough excellent fruit was harvested to produce just one barrel of Cab Franc fruit from each vintage. This is the resulting blend.

2020 Single Vineyard Blaufränkisch

– 55 BOTTLE 
CLUB 63 – 44 BOTTLE 
– set of all 3 in wooden gift box  -175 –

In place of a 2020 Reserve Blaufränkisch, Bryan chose to bottle each of our vineyards separately. The flavors and textures of each of the three wines are indeed distinct.

The MacDonald Vineyard Blau has flavors and textures that rise with a burst of acidity and then resolve slowly into a focused finish.

The Keenan Vineyard Blaufränkisch has deep fruit and softness that builds slowly and consistently and then finishes with a swirl of texture.

The Swanson Vineyard Blau picks up momentum and intensity while being punctuated with even texture throughout.


 – 8 bottle (500 ml) –

This Perry is 100% pear and has been aged, unfiltered, for four years. It has been bottle conditioned to develop a mousse and palate similar to Champagne.



– 22 bottle (750 ml) –

Spitzenburg is an heirloom apple that used to be more widespread in the US and Michigan. It was pushed out of the mainstream by “new” varieties like northern spy which cooked more consistently. Spitzenburg (formally known as Esopus Spitzenburg) is a fickle tree in our northern climate. In 2020 we got our first real crop and had the opportunity to make this single-variety cider.

Bayeux Tapestry

– 22 bottle (750 ml) –

The original Bayeux Tapestry was made to commemorate the Battle of Hastings in 1066. In this battle, a small Norman Army invaded Anglo-Saxon England to begin the Norman conquest of England and establish a new monarchy. This cider represents this notion by combining one French bittersweet apple – Binet Rouge – with two bittersweet English varieties – Yarlington Mill and Ashmead’s Kernel. The cider is dry and structured, with a broad display of flavor bound to the palate by an array of cohesive tannins. 

Bottle-Conditioned Cinnamon Girl

– 10 bottle (500 ml) –

A new take on an old favorite, this cider was bottle-conditioned (rested on the yeast in the bottle, like a Champagne method wine) for three years. The resulting cider is drier than expected with a creamy texture, flamboyant mousse (the bubble at the top of the glass), and a pie crust quality from the yeast. 

Building 53 Specials

Available by the glass only



– 8

Dry Cider ۞ Honey ۞ Lemon

Make it Wild by adding Northwoods Wild Ginger Soda – 9 –

Orchard Sunset

– 10

Peach ۞ Cinnamon Girl ۞ Red Wine Floater


– 10

Jalapeño ۞ Pineapple Cider ۞ Lime Salt
Portion of proceeds go to Women’s Resource Center


Red wine ۞ Cinnamon Girl ۞ Orange

Peachy Keen

– 12 

Peach ۞ Crémant ۞ Bubbles

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